Guided Meditation: The Alchemy of Peace & Love

Featured Relaxation CD: The Alchemy of Peace & Love: Magical Meditations to Calm Your Mind and Lift Your Spirit

Our soothing relaxation CDs help you beat stress and get rid of anxiety and tension.

"Can this really work for me?"

Yes! Many satisfied Alchemy listeners enthusiastically report great results.

"The Alchemy of Peace & Love guides me to a place where joy and love and peace and sweet remembrance have their beginnings. They find my soul, like a long talk with a dear friend . . . . "

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". . . The first cd offers an introduction to relaxation, easing the body into soft smoothness . . . "

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"Sandi's voice immediately relaxed me! I felt carried along on a gentle ocean wave as my body dropped deeper and deeper into relaxation . . . "

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"The Alchemy of Peace & Love helps me feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and more focused to approach my day."



You too can unwind the tightly coiled spring of Stress you feel inside.

Deep Relaxation is a learnable skill – and Alchemy gently guides you there!

The Alchemy of Peace & Love


Disc Two of Alchemy is a BONUS CD!

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Stress Management and Stress Relief
Using Relaxation Techniques and
Guided Meditation

The Alchemy of Peace & Love

Stress Management Made Easy!

This 2-CD set by Stress Management Specialist Sandi Anders and Psychologist David Yarian gives you an easy and effective means to achieve Stress Relief, Relaxation and – a good night’s sleep.

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As you listen to The Alchemy of Peace & Love you will find your tension and stress melting away. Relax as Sandi's gentle, reassuring voice and Alchemy’s calming music gently guide you to Deep Relaxation.

This easy-to-use CD makes learning relaxation and stress management techniques easier than ever! Sandi guides you every step of the way!

Just imagine – you’re in a quiet place and have a few moments to yourself. You turn on the CD, close your eyes . . . You are transported to a place where your body remembers how to relax.

Your breathing becomes easier. Even your mind relaxes! Instead of thinking of a hundred things at once, from to-do lists to your favorite worries – you’re floating on a cloud of not-thinking. Just breathing, listening, relaxing – as your stress melts away.

Afterwards, you return to the day’s activities refreshed, with a renewed ability to focus, think clearly, and remain calm and poised in the face of the challenges of your life.

Are you having trouble sleeping? Alchemy’s relaxation techniques work wonders, helping you to drift off to sleep, sleep deeply, and awake refreshed.

Listen to a sample right now:

Peaceful Mind Meditation

ListenDisc Two Instrumental

Meditative Song: Deep Rest

ListenI Am Beloved Meditation

Disc One Instrumental

ListenDisc One Instrumental

I Am Beloved Meditation

ListenMeditative Song

Disc Two Instrumental

ListenPeaceful Mind Meditation

It’s challenging to be calm and peaceful these days – Alchemy is a breath of fresh air, inviting you to slip away from your cares and worries for a few minutes.

When you reconnect with your body’s natural healing rhythms, your burden of your stress begins to lift and it’s possible to remember who you really are.

Deep relaxation unlocks the body’s healing forces. You feel stronger, calmer, more capable of navigating through the challenges ahead.

* * *

BONUS CD! Disc Two of The Alchemy of Peace and Love is a soothing imaginary journey to enhanced self-esteem, using Guided Imagery techniques. Sandi’s calm voice invites you to travel with her on a compelling journey to a new sense of self-acceptance, confidence and purpose in your life.

The Alchemy of Peace & Love

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Bonus CD – disc two of The Alchemy of Peace & Love uses Guided Imagery to boost your self esteem and enhance your self-confidence!

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